Unable to access Plugins from GL.iNet Panel

I can’t access plugins through the GL.iNet Panel on the latest stable version, V4.4.6 for Slate AXT1800.

It works fine through LuCi & I can run “opkg update” without any problems through SSH. Same for installing packages.

It just doesn’t work in the GL.iNet Panel. Throws the “ -2,Network unreachable” error.

Please help to execute cat /etc/config/glconfig and check what track_ip are configured.Can you ping any track_ip successfully?

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They can all be pinged (except IPV6. I have that disabled)

Do you have any firewall rule configured to restrict access to port 53? This error message is displayed when all the track_ip fail to connect using protocol tcp and port 53.

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Maybe the DNS override?

Haven’t made any “custom” changes. Just what the GL.iNet panel allows🤷‍♂️

You can check it using nc "" 53,and it will return in seconds if connection is successful. You can also capture the packet using tcpdump -i etho -vvvvv to check how long it actually takes to connect.The timeout set for detecting connections is 1 second. If connection is fails ,the nc command will get stuck.


nc “” 53

Worked fine, didn’t get stuck.


tcpdump -i eth0 -vvvvv

Returns a lot of info xD


It’s working as usual now. No problems accessing plugins from the GL.iNet panel. I didn’t make any changes though, so I am unsure what “fixed” it🤷‍♂️

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