Unable to connect to wifi, but am able to connect via phone

I just received a GL-SFT1200 (Opal), with the intention to bring it along on my family vacation. However, I just can’t seem to get it to work on the home network of which I have full control. This makes me hesitant to even try on a strange network. I’m seriously considering returning it. If I can’t get it to work on my own network…

I have a mesh network of two Linksys routers (EA8300) running OpenWRT 19.07. My wireless networks (one on 2.4Ghz and one on 5Ghz) are both visible in the GL.iNet Admin Panel, but the Opal is unable to connect to either one. I have tried changing the channels on the Opal and on my routers, but there doesn’t seem much to tweak around with.

I did manage to connect to my iPhone in tethering mode. That worked flawlessly.

Anybody have any tips on what to try?

Okay, managed to get it to work by installing Luci. When inspecting the wireless adapters in Luci I noticed the adapter connected to my private wifi got disabled moments after I connect it from the Opal UI. This doesn’t happen for the wifi signal offered by my mobile phone, but for one reason does for my wifi. Manually enabling the adapter again fixed the problem
Couldn’t find anything in the logs about what happened.

It sounds like an issue with the channels. In different counties different channels are allowed.

Via SSH it is possible to change the config: vim /etc/config/wireless
There are some lines, like option region ‘1’ or option aregion ‘1’ that needs to match your country.
Some information to the possible settings: openwrt WIFI 不同国家channel list设置_linbounconstraint的博客-CSDN博客
Some Information about the channels: List of WLAN channels - Wikipedia

More easy is the other way around, to set the main router to a fixed channel from 1 to 11 for testing.

It seems that the router fails to connect then disconnect the “sta” interface.