Unable to ping client over LAN from router

I have an IoT device hooked up to the LAN port on my Puli router, and I can see my device is assigned an IP address. From my IoT device, I can ping and ssh to the router using But, from the router, I am not able to ping or ssh to my IoT device using its assigned IP address.

ip neigh shows the device is reachable, ip route get <my IoT device IP> shows the br-lan route, and I can see the device’s IP using arp. How come I can’t ping my device? Do I need to change anything to be able to log into my IoT device from the router?

Other info:
I have not set up VPN
WAN is not attached

Are other services on the IOT device available? Best for testing are http/https services on port 80/443. If no such service is running, test anything else.

Ping has a own protocol (ICMP) not transported over TCP or UDP.
Often ICMP ist actively blocked by firewalls (for some kind of faked security) or not handled by routing.

That is the reason, why ‘Cannot ping’ is not a reason to worry, it could be the start of an issue if everything else does not work, too.

If you’re using nmap instead of ping, you’ll get a better overview. There are also switches for ‘use TCP’.

Ah you’re right, thanks!