Unable to set up a simple VPN on new GL.inet

Hi I am new to this and bought GL.inet box for travel. I am unable to do a simple setup of vpnbook as an example and do not understand why as I have followed all instructions and spent a few days including full resets several times?
This is as far as I get now after stopping vpn server.

It appears that the device cannot find the VPN server address, either because the server is not enabled, or because the user name or password is incorrect

Ok the following two screen grabs show what happens when I activate the vpnopen server

The openvpn server and the client cannot be used at the same time. They are mutually exclusive and can only be opened one.

Hi, Thank you but I am now confused as this now puts me back to my original problem at the beginning of this thread? see above. Is it possible I need to change something like the IP address in the vpnserver screen?

When you use a vpn service (vpnbook in your case), you must have multiple ovpn profiles. Each profile refers to one server.

So please,

  1. Stop your openvpn server. You cannot use it with openvpn client at the same time.
  2. Choose another ovpn to connect if one does not work.

Thank you for this I will try your suggestion. Are you able to tell me why the booklet says to set up vpnserver? i.e. what do I use it for?

Ok Thank you - it works on one of the two TCP clients but neither of the UDP ones? not sure why though.

Hi Although this now seems to work I dont understand why if it is successfully using a vpn the top bar says “not secure” ? next to the connection IP is local IP and the web UI is http, it will always be “Not secure”

This has nothing to do with your vpn. Maybe the network you are on blocked udp?

Thank you, for this. What do I need the vpn server for though? As I bought this box mainly to travel to France and Spain and still be able to access for example BBCiplayer which needs to believe I am in the UK to access from abroad to work?

You can put the router at home and create your own vpn server for free without paying for commercial ones.

Hi, I have set up a client from vpnbook which is free. And I am interested to understand how to set up what you are saying, I am too new to know myself. Any help greatly appreciated. Thx