Unidentified GL-AR150 Bricked?


I may have bricked my device and am not sure what to do next.

My brother gave me a GL-AR150 to use but he did not remember the password.
So naturally I attempted a reset without checking any guides by simply holding down the reset button.
Now try as I may I’ve not been able to connect to the device ever since.

I’ve run through the steps on how to load it into uboot.
The lamps blink exactly as the guide suggests.
I set my computer to but I simply cannot access anything on
I also tried 192.168.8 but same thing there.

Is my device bricked or can it be saved?

ps. I preferred the docs at OpenWrt because they were much more detailed than gl.inet

So you followed this guide?

And you set everything on your PC like this:

And it didn’t work?


Thank you, you solved the problem!

The guide seemed to indicate to not set anything other than ip address.
So I left subnet and gateway blank…

ps. I used a macbook.