Unreliable connection on smartphones

Hello, I recently setup a GL-S1300, and on some smartphones, specifically an iphone, a motorola one macro and a motorola G9, the connection on 2.4GHz using WPA2/WPA3 is falling and coming back every few seconds and minutes. I have been testing also a pinephone and linux pcs, that works with no problem at all. I tried switching off adGuard to see if it helps, but maybe there’s some bug to be fixed.
I am using the firmware 3.203.

Can you try WPA2 only? Maybe it is WPA3 problem.

I tried WPA2 only too, the problem persists.

Can you try 3.211 firmware,
it seems to be wifi encryption compatibility problem, and has been fixed in 3.211.

Is this version already stable?

Yes, more stable than 3.203.

I am not finding the page with the hash to verify the firmware file of the link you post above. On the official website there’s only the latest stable version. GL.iNet download center
Could you please share the hash page of the snapshot versions so I can verify before installing it?

Hi, sorry missed that, it’s

No problem, will try this new version, thanks