Unstable platform - Please suggest solution

Slate AX FW4.2.1
RM520NGL + USBC sled (dedicated power source)
Tmobile Tablet SIM

Internet connection constantly gets dropped for no apparent reason
When it gets disconnected the 5G signal is still in “excellent”
In order to reconnect without HARD Reboot = Cycle the Modem-Router connection

Please advice if there are certain settings i missed or needs correction. Currently this setup is just not stable for daily use

It is possible that the disconnection is caused by insufficient power supply,what is the voltage of the dedicated power supply for USBC sled?

What is the separate power source?

It does look like a power issue.

No its not a power issue
I have 12 / 4A VDC power going into a transformer (12-5 {10A} VDC) and splitting separately to both Modem and Router.

If its a power issue why when this occurs my modem still provide signal metrix

Pls upgrade to the latest beta or snapshot.