Upcoming GL-AXT1800 power supply specs are wrong?


I just pre ordered the new GL-AXT1800 and I was reading through the specs when I noticed you have stated that Power Input: Type-C, 5V/4A.

But I have been reading through the USB-C documentation and the maximum current for USB-C (at 5V) is 3 Amp (unless you are using USB-C PD 3.0 or PD 3.1, which goes up to 5V@5A).

Are the specs wrong? What am I missing here?

Thank you and sorry for the long post

That is a very interesting question. It would surprise me if the power brick is a PD device and the router and brick are negotiating a contract, but it would be necessary for the cable to be 100w compliant, I think, as all other cables are rated to 3A.

That was also my tought. Most of power bricks available at Amazon.es seem to be rated 15W (at 5V) which means an output current of 3A.

It would be nice to get some clarification on this topic.

Also… Does the router bring it’s own wall adapter? I could not find this information anywhere.

The router comes with a 5V/4A power adaptor. It might work with 5V/3A adaptor, but we can’t guarantee it will be stable.

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I think the router should really be USB C-compliant. It is okay for the power adapter to be rated 5V 4A and it is pretty common to be higher than the device, which will only draw what it requires.

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Yes, I understand that. But if they state that the power requirements are 5V@4A, then that means the device can reach 4A of current consumption.

Now, USB-C PD 3.0 and PD 3.1 can reach that, but I doubt that this router has USB-C PD. But that is ok, as long as they provide the proper power adapter and a cable that supports 20W then it is all good.

Confirmed by gl.inet staff that 5v/3a should work fine:

(Slate AX requirement for 4A adapter)


Thank you! This is the right answer