【Updated】GL.iNet first developer meetup in the US!

Hi there, we’re going to CES 2019 in Vegas on January. Just wonder any of you will be interested in having a developer meetup with our CTO Alfie @alzhao in Vegas or Bay area? We can talk about tech things or business ideas or new product features…We will have free drinks and snacks for our friends who want to join the meetup. Let me know your thoughts by replying this post, we can plan better :slight_smile:

If you want to join our developer meetup, please sign up here: http://eepurl.com/dOO7En

If you come to the SF Bay Area, I’d show up :slight_smile:

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Great! Maybe I should create a Facebook event and allow people to sign up for it! or Meetup page? or Eventbite? :grinning:

I’m not on FB, but I get E-mail replies to this topic (plus check the forums here often).

Thanks, I will be happy to meet you there. Let’s see.

I guess Bay area will be a better place for developers. Are there any good venues for meetup? with Wi-Fi? Thinking of some open office place or college campus…

Every hotel here has conference rooms, and WiFi is available pretty much everywhere in Silicon Valley. There’s also plenty of shared-work spaces, but they tend to be too loud for meetings (but some/all have meeting spaces too).

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Do you know b8ta? Is it popular locally? We might want to introduce our Slate to their retail store, but we need some more info.

If that was directed at me, I’m not familiar with (nor have heard of) b8ta here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Hi there! We talked a bit before on Facebook, but I wanted to respond to the thread to express my interest.

Thanks for your interest. Let’s confirm this later.

Best regards,

I probably can’t make CES '19 (haven’t bought a plane ticket nor hotel room yet, and I’m sure anything reasonable is sold out by now), but if y’all come to the Bay Area, I’m certainly willing to meet somewhere. Let me know.

My credentials were approved and have purchased my plane tickets and AirBnB for the week. Would love to meet up! Can’t wait.

Thanks for your replies. We’re welcome you to visit us at CES. If you can’t make it, we can consider meet up in bay area or SF. Ideally the second weekend(12-13) or the third weekend(19-20) of Jan. You can reply us and see which date do you prefer.

I live in the SFBA; either date is fine!

We’re eyeing an event place in San Jose, is it too far for bay area people?

I’m actually closer to SJ, so at least for me that’s fine :slight_smile: