Updated ReleaseNote.txt for latest AR750s Firmware Version

I have updated my AR750z-EXT to the latest revision of openwrt-ar750s-3.100.tar but when went to look at what was n these release by viewing the ReleaseNote.txt in the folder “GL.iNet download center”, the file there is for the “V3.025 - Jul 3, 2019”.

Will the ReleaseNote.txt file be updated to reflect what’s new, fixed and improved in 3.1?


Unless they’ve just updated it, seems to be the correct to me.

However, this implementation was a retrograde step, in my opinion, and should be revoked:

“Changed tx power to showed by levels”

I totally agree with you.
It is not very accurate simplifying with “Low, Medium, High and Max” a range between 0 and 20dB (1mW-100mW for the most of the cases)

Dear GL-iNet Support,
Thanks for updating the ReleaseNote.txt file to reflect what things are in firmware version 3.1!