Updated to 4.4.6 and now no clients are showing GL-AXT1800

I updated to 4.4.6 and now I have no clients showing. When I click clients, an error message comes up that says “Unknown Error Occurred, Please check the network environment or reboot the device”. I’ve rebooted, and the error persists.

Any suggestions?


If you kept settings when upgrading, you may want to backup them then reset your router and see if the problem persists.

I upgraded to 4.4.6 yesterday and now I can’t login to on my PC unless I go to another website first and then use to login.

I notice in ping that my ping response is less than 1ms. Is it possible that my AXT1800 router is too quick to respond to my network. No problem with my IPHONE 15 Pro. Using Google Chrome Portable, which had no trouble before latest 4.6.6 release.


I meant release 4.4.6 in last comment…


This is also my issue. I tries to reset my filmware but after days the issue comes out again.

Could you try to enter in the address bar?

Some browsers are so intelligent, they forces to go to https://. Mostly when just a URL or IP is provided, but I’ve seen it also when entered http:// explicit at least on the first try.
Because the protocol part will be hidden, it is hard to see direct.
In another project (far away from Gl-Inet), we’ve analysed it via wireshark a while ago, but I think this is a little to heavy for the start. In the end I assume it is not a GL-Inet issue, it is caused by the browser (or sometimes an extension). I don’t know if you can set a rule in the config. I was only involved in the analysis, not in the solution.

And secondly you hijacked this thread. Your problem has nothing to do with the origin question. Sadly I have nothing to contribute to the original topic.
For further questions or the next one, please open a new thread.

In ALL CASES in this thread you need to clear the cache in your browser AND app if you use it. Then retry to login and report back.

Could you run

[ -s “/etc/config/gl-black_white_list” ] && sed -i ‘s/option mac/list mac/g’ /etc/config/gl-black_white_list

via ssh or reset again, and update APP to version 2.4.0?

I think this version have so many issues. before update my router is running smoth.

do you have tutorial how to downgrade the filmware?

Download the previous version (4.2.3) Uboot version and reload via uboot process.

do you have any tutorial to do the uboot process? does this will not make my device break?