Updates on the XE3000?

This was the only place I can think of to post about this product.

I was curious to see when this product will be launched and if there will be a launch special for it. I am looking to get this to replace my mudi. The battery life doesn’t bother me as I normally keep my mudi in a bag or something similar. This will replace my diy build at home mostly with on the go support for my RV.

Will this product support AT&T?

The GL-X3000 router has already been released for sale (maybe 2 or 3 months ago?):

You can search this forum for posts regarding this product. I think there are references to AT&T.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

I was talking about the XE3000 not the X3000, the XE3000 isn’t released yet and i didn’t see much on it within the forum its self.

Yeah, that’s a good question re: Puli (XE3000) bands/ATT support. I speculate though I’d be a touch surprised GL wouldn’t use the same 5G module as found in the Spitz AX. You can get their 5G Module (RM520N-GL) as a standalone product right now. It’s the same module in the Spitz AX per the product page’s links:

XE3000 is undergoing carrier certification.Pre-orders are expected to begin in August.

Awesome thanks for the info. Will there be a preorder deal or maybe a price?

I’m sorry I didn’t know that.
This price is subject to final confirmation by the sales.

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Can anyone shed light on what the main differences are between the X3000 and XE3000? Because it is not obvious to me.

Is there a comparison chart someplace?