Updating procedure for reflashing AR300M

I’ve been trying to find complete step-by-step instructions for reflashing the AR300M.

Google search returned mainly incomplete, missing or outdated links.

I would like to know if it’s possible to reflash using sysupgrade and SSH.

Also, using sysupgrade and SSH, which file format to use: the tar, bin or rar file?


If using nand firmware, pls use .tar file as firmware.

If use not firmware, pls use bin file as firmware.

If using uboot, pls check this link

I have the ar300m with NAND

This link Overview - GL.iNet Docs is dead.

I tried sysupgrade with 2.27 bin file here


I got error invalid image file

I tried the tar file and got the same error
I tried again with --force and bricked it.

I wasted a whole afternoon with incorrect or incomplete information. Could you please give detailed instructions that do not have 404 links? Now I guess that I have to use uboot. How do I exactly do this?

you don;t need “sysupgrade” - do it from the GUI.
Uboot instructions here: https://docs.gl-inet.com/quick/

old docs link is broken as we migrate the website.

Firmware link should be OK now. Pls reflash the firmware using uboot and use the correct firmware.

Got it with uboot. Thanks.