Upgrading GL-X750 LTE Antennas


This is my first time posting. I’m looking at purchasing the GL-X750 to run off either the AT&T or T-Mobile network near my house. I looked up the towers and found the primary bands for both are 2, 12, or 17 for both carriers.

I think it might be helpful to upgrade the antennas on the unit. I was looking at the following options:

-Taoglas TG.35.8113W

Is there any issues with using those antennas? Do you have other recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

No issues to change antennas.

Band 2: 1930 – 1990
Band 12: 729 – 746
Band 17: 734 – 746

The antenna comes with X750 should works good on Band 2 which is high frequency antenna.

If you want to use Band 12 and 17 you may need to find an antenna that works better in lower frequency. So it is better to check the specs of the antenna.