Upgrading MT300N-V2 mango from v3.x to v4.x remotely via GoodCloud

I’m looking to remotely upgrade a Mango MT300N-V2 from firmware version 3.216 to 4.3 via goodcloud (the device is remote).
I understand I’ll lose most of my settings, but the admin password will remain the same. Will GoodCloud continue to function after the upgrade? The device is currently connected back to my main network via a wireguard tunnel so I will need to re enter the wireguard config.

Afaik you shouldn’t do an upgrade from 3.x to 4.x remotely, because it will delete all of your config - so no GoodCloud either.

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I have tested this and it does delete goodcloud so you would loose connection unless you have another local or VPN connection to site without the use of the mango until you get the settings back in.