USA Address for returns- a home address?

I am returning a router and have been in contact with this email:

The mailing address they provided is a house—a home address to Jacky Liang in Annandale, VA. Can anyone confirm if this is correct/real?

It seems suspicious. Their US HQ is in WA state on the website, and the router shipped from them from the West Coast.

So apparently, their WA state HQ is a USPS station, PO box. So this sort of aligns in an odd sort of way. Still extremely unnerving.

So what you suggest?
We can open a go fund me page to get them a warehouse, on the US :thinking:

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It’s a Chinese company, what did you think you will get? :smiley:

It is the correct address. I returned an item to Jacky and got a full refund except shipping fees.

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