USB flash/thumb drive not showing on Mango router GL-MT300n-V2

Hi all

I can’t see my flash/thumb drive on my Mango [GL-MT300n-V2] router?
I have made sure there is no space in the name of the drive.
I have looked at other threads but can’t see a way forward?

thanks for any help

What size is the stick? How is it formatted?

hi thanks for the reply
stick is fat32 formatted 2Gb

Are you using windows? If so did you try to enter \\IPofROUTER in Explorer?

not using windows ( i have access to a win machine though)
just to be clear i can connect to router okay and see the web interface, just that i cannot see the usb drive in the interface?

I am using a different router, nevertheless, I also don’t see anything showing up in the interface. If you are using MAC or linux you should try the smb protocol with the IP of the router.

ah so the router interface is not supposed to show the usb drive?
hmm so you are able to access a usb drive by using another file program on your system?

edit/ okay can see USB drive via my file explorer;
thx for your help ThH

Note that if you’re using a Windows machine you’ll have to load SMB1 support as it’s disabled by default.

(Yes saw you weren’t :slight_smile: )