Usb modem - sim card sms

Hi & thank you for a great router

for now i am using a new ar300m with usb tethering, wan as lan (for 2 LAN) & wifi off

I want to use a 4g dongle instead but i would like to know if it will be possible (& how obviously) to get sms from a ubuntu pc (through the app inbuilt in the modem or wammu).

maybe through ssh there is a way to launch a GUI in the modem or to make it available for wammu ?

you can read SMS direct from the WEBUI from the router (

hi & thx for your help, i could be blind but i cannot see it in the firmware (2.27) nor in luci (i am still usb tethering &i’d need to move the phone away high up for better reception while being able to see sms / miss calls while i’m working at the pc)

An app to install maybe ? i see there a few available, mainly asterisk & smstools3. asterisk looks like an overkill for my problem with some headeaches to configure + it is v11 available while the project has moved to 16.
would you look for me in your installed apps whether there is one containing sms ?

when it is using tethering you should get a IP from the Modem (look under gateway)
for example just visit the Website from the modem and there you can read the SMS

here is what i get :
TX Data 17.36 MB
RX Data 187.50 MB

42.169 → Unable to connect
42.58 redirect me to the firmware login and doesn’t propose sms options, just the same

should be

indeed it is (i doubt 42.58 would find the back office without 192.168.)