USB Network adapter - feature request



As most modern computers no longer have an Ethernet port, it would be great if future devices would be an Ethernet adapter for any laptop powering them. So if you power the device throug the mini-USB port this would also turn them into an ethernet adapter.



hi, yes. We will have one of this product soon!!

Great news! Do you have a timeline for this product?



maybe end of this year.

Any update on the timing of this feature?



Yes, we have the PCBA but still need to make the case and firmware. Cannot release it this year.

Any update on this?

We have some prototypes under testing and hope to put on market asap.

Just keeping the thread alive :slight_smile:

Is there any status update you could share?



Made one device like this and it is ready for production. But the software side is not finished so we need some more time to test before we could release it.

I know this is an old thread, but I’m looking for exactly this as well.
Was the product being developed the USB150?

Is there a product more like a travel router with a host USB port that also accepts power via its micro-USB port but transfers data on the micro USB port as well. The micro USB port on the router would function as a device port (or OTG) supporting the CDCether protocol.


Yes. It is USB150.

Pls check our MV1000 Brume router, which is Type-C (not microUSB). It works as power and Ethernet.