USB power for GL-M2

Hi, a really quick question for @gl-inet or anyone who has one of these GL-M2 dev boards if I might. Can the board be powered via the USB-C connection rather than with a separate 12V power supply, assuming the USB host can deliver sufficient power?

I was about to lay out my own 5G M.2 to USB board for an application, but it occurred to me I might be able to use these dev boards unmodified. (I note the silkscreen by the USB C port on the product photograph reads DC-5V, which is suggestive!)

Hello @ChrisW

GL-M2 supports Type-C power supply, but the power supply is not enough to meet full load operation.
Power supply: DC 12V/1.5A (default).

The USB-C on the board can be used to power the modem and transfer data.

The 12V is to ensure the power supply is sufficient.

Only the USB-C may not have enough power.