USB tethering on GL-AR300-M [NOT SOLVED]

NOT SOLVED: i tried to manually uninstall the usb-modeswitch package; it seemed to work but after a reboot i m back to square one

I have also noticed that, using the usbreset command, the USB tethering option briefly appears on the phone then disappear

Greetings everyone,

i have a problem on my AR300 router: previously i was connecting to internet using USB tethering but it has stopped working and i can t figure out the cause.
The phone when connected charges but the tethering icon does not activate, also the connection menu does not appear on the phone (USB charge, File transfer, image transfer ecc.)
On the router side the option to activate tethering does not appear (no device connected)
Checking with lsusb the device appears (Bus 001 Device 002: ID 18d1:4ee1 Google Inc. Nexus Device (MTP))

The output of dmesg does not change if i plug and unplug the device

The phone works correctly if i try to tether directly with the computer, also wifi hotspot works (i m using this right now) but it’s really not the optimal solution for me

What i tried:
swapping phone
swapping cables
resetting the device to default
installing/uninstalling usbutils

the firmware version is 3.215

I suspect that is a matter of conflicting kernel modules but i m not so tech savvy to try and solve

This package is for USB modem support. No idea why it affect your phone tethering.

indeed, i was too hasty: it didn t work… i have rebooted the router and i ma back at square one, i m marking again as NOT SOLVED

Try forcing the smartphone to connect as USB Tethering by default:

How To Change USB Settings On Android.

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I apologize for the delay; i treid this solution with 2 phones but it does not solve the problem, the USB tethering icon remains disabled on both phones and the router does not recognize it