Usb150 - cannot connect via usb port

hello and thanks,

on windows computer,

i am no longer able to connect to the route via usb port

now, i see this.

and in device manager, the USB Ethernet/RNDIS Gadget is grayed out and disabled.
i manually uninstalled the device but again the problem persists.

i factory reset - problem persists
i re-installed the firmware - problem persists.

please help

The device is recoginized as a disk. You should be able to find the disk and then find the driver inside.

Install the driver and replug the device it will work.

thanks for the reply.

is there a way to update the drivers on that virtual disk?
where are the driver file stored on the usb-150?

Can you go to

In part 2, Connect via USB Ethernet, there is a link to download the driver.

It should be builtin the latest version of windows. But you can always try to install.

this seems like a bug - it has happened for the 4th time.

i plug in the usb150 on windows computer.

i would expect to see a network card with ip

but instead, i see this

there is no network card.

and in device manager, the relevant items are dimmed out.

Do you mean that it works some time? Seems strange. Once you installed the driver it should always work. Do you have any software that blocks the driver? Does it work if you reinstall the driver?

hello and thanks

every time i plug in the usb150, it appears as a cdrom.
i repeat, every time i plug it in, it appears as a cdrom.

i have to do ths

  1. goto device manager.
  2. display hidden devices
  3. delete the device
  4. unplug the usb150
  5. plug in the usb150
  6. now it works.

i have to goto device manager, delete the hidden device,

If this happens on two different Windows PC’s - it’s probably a corrupted USB class identifier on the USB-150 realtek NIC.

If it works on one, and not works on the other - probably an issue with that PC.

It should not attach/mount as a mass storage device.

Win10 has the RTL drivers built in…