USB150 to B1300 - Wireguard crashing on client

USB150 as WiFi client accessing Hotel WiFi tethered to a Win10 laptop via ethernet

Configured as WG Client to a WG Server running on B1300

USB150 running 3.027
B1300 running 3.027

USB150 keeps crashing in the WG client task

Can you provide system log?

I’ll try to grab a log next time I’m up in Seattle…

I didn’t have presence of mind at the time of the occurrence

B1300 was running as the WG server (port forwarded from my pfSense gateway).

Heading back up to Seattle on Sunday, so will give it a try. Same hotel.

@luochongjun - I’ll grab logs if we see crashes this time around.

WG Server is MV1000 this time with release FW - client is still USB150 on 3.027 - MV1000, like last time with B1300, was behind a pfSense GW, port forwarded to the public WAN.

Local testing - Brume rocks for WG

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Could not reproduce this time around, but as noted, Brume was the WG server this time, not the B1300.

Sorry, hate these kind of issues as they’re almost impossible to debug if it cannot be reproduced consistently.