USB150 "VPN Connection Only" is disabled after disconnection from vpn(manualy)

USB150 “VPN Connection Only” is disabled after disconnection from vpn(manualy)
when i change the vpn config (country)
and try to disconnect and reconnect the ““VPN Connection Only”” turn off
please fix it

It is done by purpose I think. When disconnect VPN, actually it means disable VPN and all the firewall settings is reverted.

how can we switch server without exposing our self?

You can just change to anther server and click apply without disabling it first. (576.3 KB)

Please check the video… its not pressing

please check the attachment video

I see.

USB150 is using our UI which is still under heavy modification. This should be a problem and we will modify and sent out new firmware for testings.

dear… 7 month passed on usb150 and still no update :frowning: ?

Okay… What I can do.

Do you mind a testing firmware? I can send you.

Why not just post in the “testing” directory so everyone can try it?

Yes. Will do in a few days.