Use as NAS?

Sorry - probably a simple question for those that know… but for me?

Anyway - All I want to do is plug in my 2TB USB hard drive into ______ and then cat5 cable that into my AT+T router and make the content available on my network.

I tried this once using a Hoo-Too tripmate. It worked OK for a little while but then just got flaky. Then I found out that it ALWAYS crashed with large files. Of course then I found that the hardware will not allow files over 2GB. (

So - I am keen to do it again but with better performance.
Looking at the GL-MT-300N and the GL-AR750.

Wireless performance doesn’t matter in my application. But will these devices do what I want? What sort of read and write speeds should I expect? Streaming videos in 4K is really the highest requirement I can expect but faster is always better…

I know this is GL’s forum but should I be chasing a different solution? Any low cost NAS bays I am missing? Any routers with USB ports that actually work? (reading some reviews on those - some don’t sound really promising…)

Any hints and help are appreciated!


Oh and - one other question - is there a Hard drive size limit?
Can I use a USB splitter and plug multiple hard drives in?

Just thinking future forward.


Well since all these systems run linux, using NTFS for example will give you reduced speed and possibly other issues. If you format the large disk as EXT4, then you basically have no size limit for files or the drive size either, and the performance would be pretty good i guess. Most of the GL-iNet routers have 100mbit lan, so you would get a max of around 12MB/s read and write.

I don’t know what is the reason of cannot transfer files bigger than 2GB. Is it a files system problem or wifi chip problem. It should not be a wifi chip problem.

Confirmed that we tried 4GB movie file and it works.

Awesome. Thanks so much. I was confused why Hoo-too says that their file size limit is set with the chipset but…

Anyway - thanks for checking that out for me and confirming no troubles with a 4GB file. That was awesome.

I can format the drive as EXT4 so no worries there.

Last question: Will there be any advantage of the GL-MT-300N over the GL-AR750? Or should I just save the money given my application requirements. Also - what is the required transfer rate for a 4k stream on average?

Thanks again,

4K can have vastly different bitrates, but Netflix 4K, which is lets say as low as you can go without getting artifacts and stuff requires something like 18mbit/s, so 25mbit/s internet, the routers can handle that no problems.

If we are talking about some “other” larger filesize (whistle :P) then it would be lets say its a 2 hour movie at 50gb filesize, then that would be ((50 * 1000 * 8) / (120 * 60)) mbit/s = 55mbit/s or 7MB/s, which should (not tested it) work fine too.

Just double checking - for this application there is no advantage to speed or performance in paying more for the GL-MT-300N?

Thanks again,

Without any testing i can’t be sure, but i would say probably not.

Sorry for the thread rez, but can someone pleas point me in the right direction for a guide on how to set up my GL-MT300N V2 as a NAS AP? I basically want to do the same thing OP wanted to do–plug in my USB HD into the V2’s USB port, connect a CAT5 from a LAN port on my router to the WAN port on the V2, and have the HD accessible on my LAN. I don’t need the V2 to be a wifi AP, bridge, repeater, whatever. I’ve searched, but can’t find a good how-to on this.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Do you want to access your NAS from internet? If you just use it on local network, I think all clients connect to GL-MT300N-V2 can access your NAS.

Not sure if you run OpenVPN client or not.

This should work out of the box. Just be sure your HDD is powered separately.