Use open VPN to access remote resoues but NOT redirect all IP traffic

Just set up my GL-MT6000 which is generally very oimpressive

I set up the OpenVPN client to access my work network using the same configuration as my previous router (R8000 running dd-wrt)

The connection is solid and remote network resources are accessible but it also routes ALL internet traffic through the VPN which is NOT desirable. Is there a way to disable this behaviour?

You want to head to the " VPN Dashboard" where it says "Global Proxy" if you click it you get a choice of options. Select "Based on the client device" you will then get a link underneath " defined by MAC address" click that and either select "Use or Do not use" as your option, add each mac address you want to either include or exclude and click the (+) so they appear in the list, then hit apply.

Thanks, problem solved!