Use QMI to grab DBm levels for cellular service?

When I run this:

root@OpenWrt:~# uqmi -d /dev/cdc-wdm0 --get-signal-info

“type”: “lte”,
“rssi”: -71,
“rsrq”: -9,
“rsrp”: -94,
“snr”: 70

It does not tell me dbm. As I understand it, rssi is “relative” and dbm is more absolute. Is there a way to get dbm levels for the cellular connection using qmi?

The units of RSSI and RSRP are dBm, and the units of RSRQ and SINR are dB

How is that possible when all the values are different?

Emm,dB is a quantization unit and dBm is a unit of power.

Normally, SINR and RSRQ are quantitative values, and the unit is dB,RSSI and RSRP to describe power attenuation. In 4G signals, the power loss of 1mW is generally calculated, and the unit is dBm.

Also, this is SNR, not SINR, and over here, your SNR value has one decimal place, so your SNR value is 7dB, RSRP value is -94 dBm, RSRQ is -9dB, RSSI value is -71 dBm