Using 6416A with a I2S DAC

The 6416 has it’s GPIO header on the all the pins that also can offer I2S. But in OpenWRT the Atheros seems to be in GPIO ‘mode’ (?) I’m not sure if I understand it correct. I’m trying to figure out how to get a PCM signal on the I2S.
Is this already possible?
If not, is anyone working on this?
It would like to tinker with I2S hardware and the 6416 just seems to be a nice starting point.

We didn’t work I2S for 6416. But for Domino there is a ready hardware and drivers. Please check here:

Does the AR150 by any chance have the all the I2S pins on the header GPIO?

AR150 doesn’t have I2S pins. As it is difficult to route the wires.

Just ordered a Domino for I2S experiments. :slight_smile: