Using Beryl as LAN !_without_! internet

So I’m frequently in areas with no internet. No cellphone. I would like to use the GL-MT1300 to connect 2 laptops so we can play Minecraft. I can’t figure out how to make that happen.


both laptops must be on the same subnet. If this is clear to you, you can follow this article, setting up the game seems to be not difficult. It is better if both games have the same version.

Thanks for the response! I’ll look into what a subnet is, and how to ensure both laptops are on the same one. I’ve set up Minecraft dozens of times with a home router, and it’s pretty straight-forward. I don’t know why there is a problem when there is no internet access, but I have ran into this issue with other routers over the years. I always just give up in disgust, but I’d like to figure it out.

I haven’t played minecraft on LAN, but according to the solutions from the Internet, the setup is quite simple. If your both laptops are connected to Beryl via lan cable or wifi (not guest wifi), then they will be on the same subnet, usually if you have not changed the LAN settings.
You can see the IP address of your laptops through the command line, if this is a Windows system, a command will be ipconfig /all
Typical IP address for client of the Glynet routers is 192.168.8.(100-249) and the gateway is
You only need the IP addresses of your laptops. The rest is configured in the game.

Thanks, I didn’t know that was called a subnet. It says “default gateway”. It is the same number on both PCs. Subnet Mask is the same.

I’m starting to wonder if this is some kind of DRM scheme of Microsoft… No Multiplayer without internet access? Does that make sense?