Using custom DNS whilst VPN Policy Based on the Target Domain or IP is configured

I just factory reset the router, that dynamic dns thing I mentioned above wasn't the issue. The router doesn't seem to allow inbound ICMP when the VPN client is enabled, but I'm sure it was working fine when I first got the Flint 2 and had tested the Wireguard client.

Anyway let's look at this behaviour now, I've configured it as specified with PBR but for some reason all traffic was going out of the VPN. I then adjusted the domain in the PBR and that seems to have fixed things and I'm no longer seeing the VPN use all of the traffic.

But I have seen this behaviour on and off when testing the Wireguard Client VPN.

Any suggestions? Also would like to know if there is anything I can do to fix the inbound ICMP issue.

I dug around Luci and specified upstream DNS and then replicated the problem I initially described

I then turned off the VPN and voila I'm back in the UK

Edit: just reset the router again (flash 4.5.8. firmware and choose to erase settings), didn't touch anything with DNS and just setup the VPN again but it's using VPN DNS for everything