Using GL-AR150 repeater function to power wired home internet

I recently upgraded to an unlimited phone hotspot which I want to use to connect to my wired home internet. I have the phone hotspot connected using the repeater function on my GL-AR150 which is working wirelessly. However, I need to connect this device to my Netgear Nighthawk R7960P and I can’t figure out how to power up the LAN port.

I was doing this in the past with a mobile hotspot (limited data) connected wirelessly to a TP Link extender which had an ethernet out connected to the wired network. Simple and Flawless. However, the TP Link would not work with the new phone so a friend recommended I give this a try.

Maybe this is not the correct device. Any help on connecting this either wired or wireless to my home router would be appreciated.

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I am not sure what you mean. Do you want to connect R7960P to the lan port of AR150?

What is the issues?

Yes. I’m trying to get internet through an ethernet cable from the AR150 to the R7960P. I have only a couple areas in my home where I can get a good cell signal so I need to place my phone in one corner of the house. And use the AR150 to transfer the internet to the R7960P so we can have wired (and wireless) internet throughout the house.

Hope that helps.


So you can just connect the WAN of R7960P to the LAN of AR150 and it should work.

However, it isn’t working. I am not certain why. That is why I am here asking the obvious question. I may need to look at returning it as it may be defective.