Using GL-MT300Nv2 with Huawei E3272

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to configure the two devices above to work together to create my own wifi hotspot at home and am having some issues.

I could set up the wireless network of the GL-MT300N v2 and connect my devices to it, when I plug in the Huawei E3272 it doesn’t show up underneath the 3G/4G router section but rather under the tethering section (I know it said this was to be expected for some devices). I selected it from the dropdown and started it, however the light on the Huawei keeps blinking meaning that a connection hasn’t been established and none of my devices connected to the new wireless network have internet access.

Of course I tried connecting the Huawei modem directly to my computer to troubleshoot and it works fine without and issues , so the issue seems to be in the configuration with the GL-MT300N v2.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated, I’m a beginner with networking.

Have you tried to change the gateway address? The default gateway for E3372 is, and the GL router default gateway is If they have the same gateway address, the device will not be able to access the Internet.

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It’s working now, thanks for your help!!