Using reset buttons and leds for control and feedback on 3button ar750

I wrote some disgustingly ugly scripts that work rather good.
I have not even started using the slide switch to control. I have left that default. here’s what I have gotten so far.

Displaying info:
Power led is remapped to display the following
no internet-blinks slowly 1/2 second on and off evenly
internet is up -solid light
openvpn connected- blicks slowly mostly off
wireguard vpn connected - blinks very quickly
tbd - blinks slowly mostly on

*2gwlan led is remapped to display the followeing *
I have created a separate additional network for tor with its own network and ssid separate from guest and lan. it even uses the glinet tor web interace to enable. v3.1
tor newtork and tor wifi ssid disabled - blank no light
tor network and tor wifi ssid enabled - solid light.

*5gwlan led is remapped to display the following *

guestnetwork is up - solid lit
guestnetwork is up but with different ssid and password -led flashing evenly
guestwifi disable - led off

using the reset botton. I can toggle a setting by holding the buttons.
less than 2 seconds- toggles guest wifi
more that 2 seconds- toggles guest wifi name and password change
more than 4 seconds - toggles tor service and toggles tor wifi

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