Using the file sharing option with Beryl does not work?

Hello, I have a Beryl with the actual firmware. I also installed the file sharing and the multimedia plugin.

I tried to connect to the server via SMB, but there is a problem I have to use guest or registered user. As guest the system say it is not possible, and as user I do not know what I have to take für the user name and the password? I the user root? Is the password which I take to log in the Beryl?

Thanks for help

Please try the root username and your router login password.
The version of SMB used on the 3.x firmware is older and many clients may not be compatible.

If you need file sharing features, it is recommended that you use the 4.2 firmware (Only the snapshot version is available now, the beta version will be available in February.) or change to a product with more storage space.

Hello, thanks for your reply. If I take the user root I it works for login, but I still could not go to the shared folder. After I installed 4.2 snapshot, I could manage the shared folder and I prepared a user for the shared folder. But it is still not possible to connect to the server, not with my older iMac, not with my actual Macbook, or any mobile device. I do not understand. The product I bought is still available in your shop, I could use up to 512GB microSD card. But there is not any information about this problem. When I used the Creta router, which has not so much memory and is older than the Beryl, I could connect the shared folder to my Macbook and my iMac. Now I have a better device that could make less than the older one?

WebDAV protocol requires an application to connect, please refer to: WebDAV Client

If Creta can do it, then there should be no compatibility issues on iMacs and Macbooks.
What error message does it show when you connect to the SMB server with client devices?

Hello, if I try to connect my iPhone via smb:// to the shared folder there come every time the message “there is an error, connection not possible”. The same problem I have, if I want to connect my MacBook to the server. If I try to connect to any other smb server, for example to a Fritz.Box from AVM, it is no problem. I also tried to use the beta version 4.1, but it also does not work. What can I do? Could you help me, to use the Beryl as a file server?

I’ll test and gice you feedback.

Ok, thanks. I checked it also out to use the GL-inet App with my iPhone. It works partial. I could see all files, but only *.pdf files I could open. But I need to read mp3, video, and epub files. So this is only possible if I could connect my devices via smb to the Beryl.

MT1300 no longer supports samba due to flash limitations. You can use the following protocols to manage files.

Ok, I tried to connect my Mac with WebDAV. It works only partial. I could read and open all pdf files, but if I try to open any epub files the mac is not able to do it. I could see the cover of an ebook with 15MB, but it will not open. I tried it more than 10 minutes. I tried with http and https.
Do you have any idea what could be the reason?

Which of your router do support the samba protocol also in the next years?

I also tried to use FTP, but this was not possible to switch it on. Every time I switch it on and press apply, it switches back to off. I switched off webdav connection.

I recommend you to use beryl AX, which is our new product with built-in samab4.