Using the GL-AR300M ext without ethernet tethering

I got the GL-AR300M working fine for a subnet (3 end points on an Netwgear switch) connected to the GL-AR300M LAN connection. However, the GL-AR300M will not work unless it is connected to the ISP modem… Would like to not be directly connected via ethernet to the modem. Instead want the GL-AR300M to connect through the WiFi only as a subnet. No WAN ethernet connection please nor connecting to a PC either.

Can the GL-AR300M have this type setup?

Finally figured it out after reviewing tons of youtube videos and a ton of trial and errors.
(1) Connect the WAN ethernet to the ethernet on the ISP modem
(2) Connect the LAN ethernet to the Laptop PC
(3) Log on to You need both ethernet connections to get the GL-iNET screen.
(4) Check all entries to ensure you have the ISP connection ( and any subnet clients).
(5) disconnect the ISP from the WAN conenction
(6) go down to REPEATER Box and select the available WiFi networks. Select the one for your ISP.
(7) Enter the password you used previously to access your ISP connection
(8) If this is for using a browser, you need to check that so a web page loads. Otherwise ignore.
(9) disconnet all and reconnect to the your GL-AR 300M power and subnet router. My subnet is a Netgear 4 Port Switch connected to the GL-AR300M ext. The switch has a access control devices that control various property door locks.

That’s it.

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