Using X750v2 in a Motorhome (RV)?

Not been able to get a clear answer on this topic. So trying desperate methods!
Lifting the cover on my unit, a likely candidate for the voltage regulator seems to be an: XC6702D191PR-G.
According to the data sheet, this regulator has an input voltage range of 4.5 to 36.0volts.
Can anyone confirm this?

So why are the GL-iNet techs so worried about admitting this and couching all their comments in such cautious terms “it may work - it will reduce the life - fit a buck/boost inline” etc.

Regards, Martin

Our hardware is designed according to 12V, the power chip uses RT7285CGE, and the maximum support is 18V.

Ah… Thank you.
With the chip information, I now have the full story. Running off a Motorhome (12-14.4v supply) will be no problem for the RT7285. WooHooo…
Regards, M.