Utilities on GL-MT300a

I have a GL-MT300a , and I would like to know what the corresponding scripts for the following

  1. Scan the Access points in the region (this could happen through the web UI)

  2. Change the behavior of the reset and the slider button,

My requirement is to set the box in repeater mode, but during the power on stage. Would like to scan the APs, and pick one of them and set it as the WAN Wifi and do a network reset.

If we apriori choose one, and at the boot time it is not available, the box hangs during the power on.

Appreciate the Gurus here, if they can point to the above.



A similar question was asked yesterday on the OpenWrt forum. Here is my reply.


To configure the switch refer to item 1. The script is from my AR150.

“My requirement is to set the box in repeater mode, but during the power on stage. Would like to scan the APs, and pick one of them and set it as the WAN Wifi and do a network reset.”

Terminology alignment may be an issue here. Repeater usually referees to the same LAN segment. Your reference to WAN suggests you are running this as a router and connecting to another network. I think you mean bridge. The basic travel router scenario has the device configured as a standard router. The STAtion (WAN side) connects to a (hotspot) AP, and the LAN\WLAN to your client devices. This offers you a firewall between your devices and the rest of the world (but does not secure the data between the STAtion and hotspot).

This is a new article which will let you connect on the SAME LAN and is called repeater bridge.

@RangerZ, I have gone through your posts in openwrt forum, and the related threads.

I think you have understood the problem perfectly well. My box(mt300a), needs to connect to a STAtion (always the same) as a Client and needs to act as a Master to set a Smart Devices. In this process, the Internet connection from the STAtion side needs to be made avaialble to the Master side.

From the various options that were presented, the ideal one for our requirement would be to set the STAtion iface to be Disabled, at the boot time, and then replace it with a new config after startup with an Enabled, and do a network restart (init.d/network restart). Would this work?

But the issue here is to still SCAN for the APs on the STAtion side, and only enable STAtion when the Internet AP is in the scan list.

How do we SCAN?

There is a real BIG difference when you add your last sentence. You have not discussed the nature of the STAtions and their availability. If you have one station and its either on or off, then I would just use option 1 and tie the script to the button.

If you have a number of (known) stations that you can connect to then option 3 is a better solution. It will try to connect on boot to any of the saved stations, and if not found should disable the WAN. There is one issue with the current script when there is no WAN. The concheck value will run the check, and currently restart the wireless. It should do a check on the status of the wireless, and skip if it’s already disabled. Not what I want, but I have not gotten around to fixing it (not sure I can). If you set this for a (value) long time, it should not be a problem, but depends on your need. The value is checking for a lost connection (Station dies). It’s not relevant if you have a connection. All discussed in the post.

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