V3 OpenVPN: block connection if no VPN

I am upgrade from v2 to v3. When I have v2 OpenVPN have box for disconnect service to client if OpenVPN is down.

I am not see this for v3. I read this page OpenVPN Client - GL.iNet Docs

Also I search forum here for “OpenVPN” but no answer.

@alzhao probably know answer?

This feature is enabled by default in v3.x firmware, so we had removed the checkbox.

Okay thank you but maybe is good to have this in doc or on GL web page? Because is so important feature. But okay thank you I am feel better now.

@kyson-lok I think maybe there is leak? Think this case please:

I am have two config files in GL.

I am connect with one.

OpenVPN server disable. I need use other config file.

I choose new file.

There is time between time I click new file “Connect” and time connect is complete.

Possibility exist for data leak to network with no VPN protection?

I ask. I do not know.

OK. We decided to add a dumb option or message in the UI telling the user that if you enable vpn then all your data has to go through vpn, i.e. VPN kill switch or block connection if no vpn.

@alzhao This help dumb people like me but is not really what is problems.

Please I try explain again.

Problem is maybe someone having traffic that NO CAN happen without VPN. Maybe is use tor browser in country where is not allowing use tor.

Problem is three.

First is wonder “is connection happen over VPN or no?” Put text in GUI not really confirm nothings, just say.

Second problems is when I must “Abort” VPN for reason VPN is no connect. Is good have option that NEVER GL will pass internet to client when not VPN is connected.

Third problem is when must “Change server.” I wondering if this is case where there is few seconds where no VPN exist?

One question, in this case, do you care about the router itself has data leak or not? If you care about it, so the router would never can connect to VPN server.

Why do you want a such option?


do you care about the router itself has data leak or not?

Is necessary router have connection to internet.

Why do you want a such option?

Is this honest question? Want this option for same reason want VPN. If is okay have data leak why we have VPN? Purpose of VPN is hide data.

Think of example. Person use tor browser on laptop. tor browser not is legal. So this person use GL router with VPN. Small data leak is big problem.