V3 wwan autoconnect on a per ssid basis

version 2 had this feature and I really miss it in version 3.

The 3.0 firmware retains this functionality

thanks for the reply I dwelled into /etc/config/ssids and adjusted the disable ‘0’ in different ssid sections settings with no luck. how is this done on a per connection basis?

just to be clear, I wish to have multiple ssids stored in wwlan-sta (/etc/config/ssids) but enable or disable which ones can autoconnect on an individual basis

i looked in /etc/config/glconfig and saw

config service ‘repeater’
option autoconnect ‘1’

which I am assuming is from a global perspective for all connections in /etc/config/ssids

I think for repeater manager, it is the same in v2 and v3.

In the UI you there is an option in repeater section.

thank you for your response alzhao I guess I may not be very clear. in version 2 I could create wwans in gl gui and each one had its own setting to disable or enable autoconnect. in version 3 its autoconnect to all or none. lets say I’m at a site and I have 3 networks I connect to but I never want to get disconnect and reconnected to one I dont want. yet I don’t want to have to keep logging in to each network each time. inversion2 I just slid the autoconnect radial button per ssid