Velica GL-B2200 disable LED of sub node


I do have a MESH WiFi network using three Velica GL-B2200 devices (1 main node and 2 sub nodes).

How can I turn off the LED lights of the sub nodes?

I know it is possible by using the glinet app but I want to do this by cron job during sleeping time.

So how is the necessary CLI command or API call? Should probably the same which is used within the glinet app…


I’ve tried to get something about this functionality with tcpdump activated when I used the glinet app to turn on/off the LED lights.

But there seems to be no specific command within the dump log.

Could it be that the command is sent to the Velica B2200 sub nodes using Bluetooth?

Hi moonraker:

Attached ‘’ is compressed file of the script for controlling the (282 Bytes)
/usr/bin/ on #turn led on
/usr/bin/ off #turn led off

1, You need to exit the MESH first;
2, Log in to the subroute with ssh and exec ‘cp /usr/bin/;chmod 755 /usr/bin/’;
3, Create a file:‘touch /etc/crontabs/root’;
4, Set a scheduled task in the above file ‘/etc/crontabs/root’;[OpenWrt Wiki] Scheduling tasks with cron
5, The default time for subrouter is UTC and you need do a conversion with the local time;

Thanks a lot for the script!

I’m just wondering why I have to exit the MESH to prepare the script?

Is there no way to just run the same command (script) which is used when enabling/disabling the LEDs of the sub nodes by using the glinet app?

The mesh node closed almost all ports. So you cannot ssh to it and add script. Currently the way the app to turn on/off led is not very programming friendly.