Velica or Convexa

Good morning all.
I’m trying to decide between Velica and Convexa to equip my parent’s home with mesh wifi.
They have very basic usage and the only real need (for mesh) is not to have dead spots when doing facetime on their phone.
Due to the building material of their house (concrete), at least 3 mesh points will be needed, thus making a Convexa based solution in the $250 while Velica based would be in the $400.

I understand that Velica is supposed to be better but given the price difference, I’m enclined to go with Convexa which seems to achieve the same.

Even further, when I compare the technical sheets side by side, the only significant difference I see are: (Convexa Vs Velica in that order)

  • CPU: IPQ4028 Vs IPQ4019
  • Memory: DDR3L 256MB / FLASH 32MB Vs DDR3L 512MB / FLASH 16MB NOR FLASH + EMMC 8GB
  • Tx power: max 20dBm Vs max 23dBm
  • Wifi: dual band Vs tri-band

When I look at the chips (IPQ4028 | Qualcomm, IPQ4019 802.11ac WiFi SoC for Routers, Gateways & Access Points | Qualcomm), I don’t see any significant difference here.

I voluntarily skip the Zigbee and BLE capability as they won’t have any usage of that.

In short: will I regret going with a Convexa rather than a Velica?
Has anyone upgraded from one system to another and seen big differences?


I don’t have Velica but 2 B1300. A big advantage with this router is that it has the NAS function with the USB 3 port. I don’t understand why this is not included on the new routers

Have upgraded from B1300 to b2200

Big advantages of the Velica
Better 2.4Ghz performance
Better/easier mesh setup via app
Adguard support
Zigbee and BLE built in

Advantages of B1300
Lower physical profile
USB port

If none of the new functionality are important and you’re just going to set and forget, B1300 I would say should do you fine. If worse came to worse you could put in a 4 point mesh stiil for cheaper than a 3 node Velica from your pricing.

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