Velica Router Memory Issue

Hello, I have an issue with my Velica router. I have 3 of them as a mesh network and every 2-3 days they run out of memory and I have to reset them :(.

any solution?

I have a 2 node mesh and have not had this issue under firmware 3.107. What firmware are you running? There’s also a new 3.211 Beta 4 firmware available at

I’m not running ad-guard if that makes a difference. Just basic router and Wireguard server.

Some process(es) are consuming a lot memory and maybe all the CPU. Log into SSH and run the following command:


It will show you top processes in the system, including virtual memory size, and you can post a screenshot here. Type Control-C to exit from top.

Another option is to run the following command:


It will show all processes in the system, including virtual memory size.

Did you use wireguard? adguard home?

yes I am using wireguard

It is most likey wireguard. Wireguard (client) has a bug causing the memeory full and router crash and fixed in firmware 3.211.

Can you try firmware 3.211 beta?

I can try to see!

how I install the beta?

Download the firmware and upload from the main node.

hello, I installed and let you know how it goes.

one question: can I add a 4th Velica on my mesh network? (already have 3). is there a limit of how many I can connect?

You can add 4th.

There is no limit in specs but we tested before and you should not add more than 5.