Velica (seems to be) unmaintained

Velica devices are currently running on OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05.1 r48067 / LuCI allpkg branch (git-18.315.33550-0179119). This is an outdated openWRT version from 2018, which lacks several features including WPA3.

I cannot find Velica in the openWRT table of hardware:[Brand*~]=gl.inet

It also seems the last update for Velica with the GL.inet firmware was on April, v3.107.

Is someone aware when the next update for a more recent version of openWRT is going to be? Also for a more recent version of GL.inet?

What issues are the engineers/developers facing? Maybe we could help as a community. I did not find anything related to this issue on GitHub: gl-inet ยท GitHub

Actually Velica uses the same SDK as our B1300, S1300, AX1800. The SDK is from Qualcomm so it is quite difficult to upgrade or port to latest openwrt. As Velica is mainly used for mesh, it may not be upgraded easily. But we do maintain the firmware and will upgrade when necessary.

Now most effort goes to AX1800.

Thank you for your answer.
So, Velica is just maintained for major issues?

Would it be possible to have a release schedule? I saw some posts relating to this, but Velica seems to be far behind the other, more recent, releases.