Vixmini never shows ssid

Just got a vixmini to try out but no matter what I do, cannot get into it.
It does not broadcast an SSID and it picks up a DHCP IP only for a few seconds.
In fact, I also noticed teh blue light going on and off a couple of times.

The doc says you need to set it up using wifi first but since I cannot get into it, I cannot do that.
Anyone else seeing this or do I have a dud?

UPDATE: Found the problem. It needs more than 1AMP power supply.
Really wish it would come from the factory with LAN DHCP enabled instead of how it’s being done now. Would save a lot of time for those that don’t care to use WiFi and only want a wired connection.

While it has only one LAN port.

If the power is not enough, even the LAN port will not work good.

Yes, this is what I found. It’s working fine now.