VLAN management AX/ATX1800 Firware 4.x.x

Trying to segment my network now to change the Guest Network for my IOT devices. Found a great Youtube video to lead me through the steps. AX1800 is my main router and AXT1800 is an AP. Firewall is easy via LUCI but If I follow through the video I need to use LUCI and the switch setting to set up the VLANs however the LUCI interface shows and “error”. Do I have to use the CLI to manually edit files or is there another alternative? Just using default settings - Main network 192.168.8.x, IOT 192.168.9.x

Hmm I’m not sure but is the switch feature not getting deprecated/removed in the future and DSA gets used?

I believe what you need is DSA vlan tagging over a bridge device.

So if you go to luci>interfaces there is a tab called devices, now if you edit the br-lan device on the latest tab you have vlan functionability just a tip in order to not close yourself out:

Add vlan id 1 as untagged and when you are done you don’t apply yet, you want to edit the lan interface to use the newly generated br-lan.1 notation, vice versa your other vlan ids can be used on other interfaces.

If you use the 3.x firmware I believe you may try it via uci or just config editing, ive not used vlans on that version before.