VLAN on GL-A1300

Hey guys, I am trying to figure out a way to create a couple of VLANs on this small router.
The goal is have both on them on one ethernet port and then use a managed switch that have different computers connected ( dedicate for example 8 ports for a VLAN and 8 ports for a not tagged traffic or a different VLAN).

I setup this steps:

  1. created a virtual device VLAN (802.1q) named 175 using base device br-lan
  2. created a new interface using static address protocol and assigned to device br-lan.175
  3. Enabled DHCP and ticked to use default gateway
  4. added a new bridge device and as bridged ports br-lan.175 and eth0)
  5. enabled VLAN filtering under the bridge in step 4 > t under vlan interface and eth0 interface

it’s is possible to move in a VLAN the traffic that now is untagged in a easy way?

The problem is that I am not able to get VALNs working :frowning: thanks for your help