Vlan tag on wan interface GL-AR750

I have a AR750 with openwrt-ar750-3.022-0329 and I’m very satisfied about it.
Now my wan connection is static ip on the main router but if I wanted to remove the main router I would need to configure a pppoe connection with vlan 835 (vlan 802.1q).
I have noticed that vlan configuration is possible on the eth1 and his switch.
Is this possible on wan port?
Can I configure on wan a PPPoE tagged connection with vlan id?


No, the firmware only has configured eth1 as vlan.

Thanks for the reply. Are you going to release some updates about it?
On the switch configuration I have tried to add another vlan id but when i click on add…nothing…It is possible only to modify current vlan id. Are multiple vlan id possible on switch configuration?

Yes, you can. You can configure switch in Luci.

In luci when I click the add button I don’t have new row for explicit new vlan id…Why?

It seems that is possible only one vlan id on the switch.
My question is: on switch configuration can i add two o more vlan or is it possible only one vlan?


There are only two LAN port. Did you want to configure them to separate subnet?

One port vlan1 and the second in another vlan

manual configuration solved same issue for me… best!

config 'interface' 'wan'
    option 'proto'     'pppoe'
    option 'ifname'    '**eth1.835**'
    option 'username'  'user'
    option 'password'  'pass'
    option 'timeout'   '10'
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