Voip And Wireguard problem


If anyone is familiar with VoIP with WireGuard can you help? I have a question, and I’m looking for feedback to improve my setup. I’m using my GL router, a strong model, on my home network connected by Ethernet with a top-ranked VPN, and I tested other top-ranked VPNs with similar results.

I use many VoIP services on my iPhone, On LTE using my WireGuard configuration, the VPN works perfect. With 50+ MPS speed and under 25 ms ping theres no sound lag or deaf spots when using voip apps

When I use my router’s Ethernet connected to the VPN WireGuard server, I get good speed, close to the speed I paid for 100+ MPS
25 ms ping, I have faster speed on my home network when doing the speed test on the same device close to the same ping (no, I don’t use double VPN the VPN is turned off when i connect to my home network on the iPhone. I also tried other VPN companies with the same outcome. Everything works well, but the VoIP calls

When I use any VoIP app, it’s almost unusable; there’s a deaf spot about every 45 seconds, which lasts 5 seconds or more.

What settings should I adjust on the network?The configuration of the WireGuard file? or any other tips to help with this VoIP bad quality problem.

Thank you for any help you can provide.