VPN and normal traffic separation

Hi guys, I need some help because I’d like to know if it’s possible to do something like in the picture:

With words: my internet provider does not support static private IP addresses therefore I cannot access my ssh server on PC02 (debian 9) from PC03 through “the internet”.
As a solution I tried to use a VPN configuring the router (GL-MT300N-V2) as per instructions. Everything worked well but on PC01 which I use for work to connect to a website to get quotations does not like the fact that the VPN is connecting from another country other than my usual one. Needless to say the VPN provider doesn’t have any server with dedicated IP in my country :slight_smile:.
Long story short, If I use the VPN I get ssh access from the outside but no connection to the website which I use for work.
The only solution that comes to mind is if I can separate the vpn traffic directly from PC02, or somehow force the ssh server (openssh) to use the vpn.

If you only want to use ssh. I think you can disable push route, or you can try to delete all route rules about vpn.

If you have an IP4, and your provider is not clustering you with other users, you can use the public IP.
Search for “what is my public ip” or the same in your native language. The thing is just that you need to check your IP every day to be sure what it is.

Also depending on your router you can setup dyndns or an other service ( I mean if your router support this function), that links your IP to and domain, and you can connect the the domain users@yourdomain .

This is what I can do in my router (not Gl-iNet router)

Thanks to both of you, I’ll investigate both the options and we will see what works :slight_smile:.