VPN Client not adhering to Dual-WAN setting

I have the Brume 2 set up for Dual-WAN and as a VPN client. When one WAN connection drops, VPN won’t connect and I lose Internet connectivity completely. The only solution I can find is to either physically disconnect the failed modem… or if the failed connection corrects itself and reconnects.

This is making me believe that when using load balance and VPN together, only one WAN connection is actually being used…

This is by design.
Load balancing can’t split up data-streams. 1 data-stream = 1 WAN

Since VPN is only 1 data-stream, it won’t jump to the next WAN port as long as there is no reconnection attempt. @hansome told in another thread that this was a bug and is fixed in 4.5

Could you please try 4.5 (beta) if it’s available for your device?

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Thanks. I had not thought about the VPN being a single data-stream, but makes sense. When you say it was fixed in 4.5, do you mean the auto switch over from one WAN to the other or the splitting of VPN streams?

Couldn’t the router be programmed to have two separate VPN connections, one for each WAN, and then load balance between the two?

Splitting VPN isn’t possible, so the auto-switch was fixed.

Maybe, technically - but this is behind of scope so far.

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